Mobile app development for Energyee- Portfolio Details
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Energyee is one of several businesses that pay people to walk or run but distinguishes it from the competition due to its values and missions.

Mobile app development for Energyee

The business needed an app that will stand out like their guiding principles and have the most distinctive brand logo, UI, and UX. Additionally, they want the most fashionable and contemporary icon design for their app.

Consequently, we met their needs with the aid of our knowledgeable personnel, which they found to be quite satisfactory.

Our mobile app design team worked with their administrative team to produce a magnificent bilingual mobile app for their business.

Services involved during the whole process are as listed below;

  • Logo design
  • UI and UX design
  • Mobile app development
  • Iconography and icon design
Mobile app development of Energyee icon making of Energyee app logo design result of Energyee app minimum space clearance of Energyee app color and gradient of Energyee app typography and font of Energyee app logo Energyee mobile app typography and poppins font of Energyee app color and gradient of Energyee app logo iconography and vector of Energyee app wireframes of Energyee app app screens of Energyee app